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The foundation Mi ciudad con Vida was created in the year 2000. It is a private and independent nonprofit organization. Dedicated to the development of social programs in the most impoverished and vulnerable communities of Colombia through projects and programs which promote the holistic development of children and teenagers.

Our history

The foundation Mi ciudad con vida was created in 2000 with the intention of contributing to the holistic development of the less fortunate community of Barranquilla. It promotes the educational development of a group of children and their families living in the neighbourhood of Lipaya.

As a complement to the school day we provide informal activities with an emphasis on values, the Pisotón program and the life project in order to promote and strengthen the development of the personalities, emotional bonds and the overall quality of the life of the children, adolescents and their families.

Our mision

Promote the holistic development of the children and teenagers in vulnerability conditions in the areas of education, health and recreation. This is with the objective of strengthening their entire life and therefore also contributing to the development of their families, their community and society in general.

Our vision

In 2022, the foundation expects to be recognized as a social organization that leads in the implementation of programs for the welfare and development of vulnerable communities at regional and national level. This will be highlighted by the dedication, professionalism and altruism of their members, compromised with the respect to the environment, development of the community and the country.

Where we work

The activities of the foundation take place in:

Barranquilla, Colombia in the neighbourhood Lipaya. A community located in the perimeter of the Southwestern which has 4.000 habitants and which is characterised by high levels of poverty, unemployment and illiteracy.

Cartagena, Colombia neighbourhood Nelson Mandela. It is a district that has almost 40.000 habitants of which more of the 70% are forced displaced persons. This is a neighbourhood that has survived poverty, hunger, violence and constant war.

Soledad, Colombia neighbourhood Nuevo Horizonte. This township has the biggest population in the Atlántico after the district of Barranquilla. It has been recognized as a town which receives victims and demobilized people from illegal armed groups.

Principles that guide us – all correct

What we do – all correct

The principles that guide us

  • PARTICIPATION It is the necessary means for social transformation, our beneficiaries are protagonists of social projects and programs.
  • COLLABORATION We act delivering the best on a human and professional level.
  • TRANSPARENCY We base our work on honesty, responsibility.
  • INNOVATION To work with an open mind, always being attentive to the new needs and demands of society. Also, promote permanent innovation in the development of activities and the periodic evaluation of actions in order to improve them.
  • SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY We are convinced that it is essential that the development and well-being of the people be produced in balance with the respect and protection of the cultural, social and natural environment.


Education is the most powerful instrument against poverty and social inequality, supporting and empowering young people in this process is fundamental for them to undertake a life project.

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Educational permanence in our beneficiaries

Our team

Professionals with a social sense, committed to improving the quality of life of our beneficiaries, allowing us to achieve the integrity of the interventions.

Mag. cognitive rehabilitation, experience in planning and execution of social projects and more than 10 years work at the foundation.

Lorena Costa

Administration coordinator

Professional business administrator with skills in communication, group management, creativity and leadership. Experience in technical professional marketing with artisans and leather, in social entrepreneurship projects and in product creation with children, adolescents and adults. More than 10 years work at the foundation.

Natividad Severino

Logistics coordinator

Professional psychologist with skills in communication, creativity, interpersonal relationship management, analysis and leadership. Experience in community social development, the application of techniques and the instruments for evaluation and diagnosis, the design and execution of projects, the planning, implementation and management of educational programs aimed at children, adolescents and adults. More than 5 years working with the foundation.

Daniela Ujueta

Pedagogic coordinator

Professional photographer with a vocation towards the social service, dynamic and responsible. Experience in emotional, didactic and expression photography with children, teenagers and adults. Jorge is a graduate of the Fmccv.

Jorge Herrera


Expert in clinical intervention for the modification of behaviours for those with addictions. Professional psychologist with 9 years experience in the FMccv.

Jeiner Duran


A professional in public accounting with a vocation towards social service, Yenifer is charismatic, creative, responsible and has excellent communication skills. Experience in the execution of projects, social management entrepreneurship, occupational health and dance with children, teenagers and adults. More than a year at the foundation.

Yenifer Paz

Public accountant

Professional in nutrition with experience in social service and pedagogy as well as entrepreneurship personal development, conscious feeding and care of the environment. Dedicated with love to the attention of the values of the children. Spiritual development through yoga, mandalas, self massage, aromatherapy and tale therapy. More than 10 years at the foundation.

Ana Rondón


Professional biologist with more than 6 years of experience in research and social projects which create environmental awareness.Expert in Linnology and aquatic micro-invertebrates. Focussed on conservation and sustainable development. More than 5 years at the foundation.

Jose Camilo


Business administrator, specialist in strategic marketing management, specialist in university teaching with more than 25 years experience teaching in prestigious universities in Colombia and Latin America. Lecturer in NLP and mental attitude. Author of the books, Mentalidad de Punta y El Consumidor Costeño. Lecturer and international facilitator with more than 5 years service at the foundation.

Milton Campo

Mag. Project administration


Trust from our Sponsors.

The contributions of our donors and partners allow the execution of projects or programs for the benefit of the most needy. We are deeply grateful for those who trust in social changes through work in communities.