For a quarantine without hunger

The Covid-19 crisis has challenged us as humanity and we are called to social awareness and teamwork.

An example of this social leadership is the support of the Realianz company, the Amor Por Locombia initiative and donations from a group of people and families from the Barranquilla community who have joined this campaign.

Together we have been able to bring food to low-income families, who during this pandemic have been exposed not only to contagion and hunger but also to the violation of the rights of children and young people to education because they do not have digital resources for home classes.

Thank you for bringing a message of hope to the most vulnerable families through these foods.

Together we will be able to overcome any challenge! Join our campaign and create a change in our society.


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26 June, 2020

Enseñamos a las familias a fabricar su propio tapabocas
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