Break the silence

With different artistic activities, our beneficiaries expressed myths and realities about the role of women in our society. Through cooperative work, boys and girls highlighted

Activities and events

Commemoration of International Women’s Day

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, we held a fun and interactive activity to promote women’s rights. Through games, children were able to highlight the

Activities and events

Welcome to the dining room!

This week we have started our meal service sessions. We welcomed our children with a delicious menu and offered them various recreational and nutritional activities

Activities and events

Socialization of 2023 projects in Soledad

This 2023, we have started with the socialization of the projects that we will be developing with our beneficiaries and their families throughout the year

Activities and events


We enjoyed a fun and engaging day with the parents of our beneficiaries, where we shared project guidelines, exchanged experiences, and established commitments for 2023.

Activities and events

Committed parents to education.

This week, educational coordination processes were advanced with parents of beneficiaries of Inclusion and Higher Education programs for the signing of commitment statements and to

Activities and events

Welcome 2023!

This week we developed a planning and welcome day by our director to the work team of the Foundation, in which we shared the results

Activities and events

Visit to educational institutions

This week we started with the Educational Articulation Program, following up on the institutions to verify that our beneficiaries are enrolled, and also intervening and

Activities and events

First delivery of markets in 2023

This week in Barranquilla Branch, we made the first delivery of groceries and hygiene kits, prioritizing the most needy beneficiary families in the area, thanks

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