Heartwarming visit from our donors

On a day full of inspiration and gratitude, our donors made a special visit to the Foundation, accompanied by our management team, to witness firsthand


Let’s reduce our carbon footprint.

During this session, members of the Environmental Guardians group participated in an exciting activity focused on reducing carbon footprint. Throughout the activity, the children engaged


Parent Committee in Action

We organized our parent committee at the Soledad Headquarters to support the breakfast, lunch, and training sessions provided by the Nutritional Care Center, aiming to


Let’s celebrate Physical Activity Day

During this day, our beneficiaries come together to celebrate Physical Activity Day, an event aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and the importance of exercise among


Visit by our Director

As a gesture of commitment and solidarity, our director (Nury Buendía) made an official visit to the Foundation. The visit aimed to explore new forms


The visits to entrepreneurial families begin

“Familias Productivas e Incluyentes” is a real opportunity for vulnerable families to transform their lives through entrepreneurship. That’s why we start with reconnaissance visits to


Morning of smiles and lots of learning

With the enthusiastic participation of children and youth, our workshop facilitators developed a series of activities designed to promote skills such as leadership, communication, and

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