You can make donations that specifically fund one of our programs, either in kind or in cash. Or you can volunteer with your time and knowledge in the development of this program.

See our list of programs here:

Your time, dedication, knowledge and willingness to help are all highly valued by our children. If you want to contribute your bit, you can do it in two ways depending on your time availability:

  • Volunteer for 1 day.

Prepare a workshop and do it with the children, offer your services for a day, develop a special day with the children. All depending on your abilities, knowledge or resources.

  • Internships.

If you have more time, you need to take your university internships or you want to live the social work experience. You can do internships of 1, 3 or 6 months with us. We give you a certification at the end of your support with us.

Leave us your information and we will contact you straight away.