After 7 months in which the pandemic placed us in a state of emergency and the priority revolved around food safety and biosafety measures, the Mi Ciudad Con Vida Foundation restarts the Psycho-affective intervention project virtually. This was usually held on Saturday mornings at the Lipaya Headquarters.

Similarly, in this fourth quarter of the year, the Foundation has launched the Entrepreneurship project and the Conscious Cultivating project, which began in the community as of October 5. For this purpose, the team of professionals from the Mi Ciudad Con Vida Foundation was given the task of contacting beneficiary families in order to conduct surveys aimed at identifying interests and needs of the community and prior knowledge about each of the topics and projects mentioned. Once this work was done, schedules and days were established with each of the families to begin with the development of the activities proposed in each project.

We warmly welcome our beneficiary families and invite them to join in with enthusiasm and commitment.


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