Production units underway

With a bakery workshop, the start-up of the production units of the FMCCV continues. The seed, as the bakery is called, is an association of female heads of households from the Lipaya neighbourhood, who with the project have found another tool to support their families and mitigate the ravages of the covid. The energies and dedication of this group of women has been present during the development of the workshops. Long live entrepreneurship.


The culture of productive yards

Through the Cultivarte Project, which has been developing in the community of Lipaya and Soledad, the dream of producing a small amount of vegetables at home is being brought to reality in order to reduce the cost of the family food, increase the consumption of healthy foods and unite families in this purpose. Creating the culture of green production in the gardens and terraces of the beneficiary families has been a purpose that we aspire to be perpetuated over time for the direct benefits to our families.


Instructions for handling the application of the public employment agency SENA

This week, Monica Vargas, the SENA Occupational Counsellor, accompanied us, who was sharing with the families and children of the higher education program, about the services that the public employment agency provides to the vulnerable population and all Colombians in general at the time of improve job skills or seek employment opportunities.


Through various recreational activities, we addressed themes such as self-knowledge, self-concept and self-acceptance with the children and adolescents, as a strategy to strengthen the set of ideas, physical characteristics and beliefs that each of them has of themselves.

Our children recognised their talents, abilities, and strengths that make them special, authentic, and unique.