Launch of the project “Family Coexistence Based on Emotional Intelligence”

This week we launched the project “Family Coexistence Based on Emotional Intelligence”. It is aimed at boys, girls, young people and their families within the framework of the psychosocial intervention that the team of professionals usually performs in person on Saturdays in Lipaya. Due to the demands of the situation in which the Covid-19 pandemic has placed us all, this will now be carried out virtually.

The project is a new design which gives the students the information in brief sessions and is then accompanied by recreational activities and the completion of work guides. The students and families will then show what they have learned

During all of the years that the Mi Ciudad Con Vida Foundation has been present in the community, it has focused its intervention on promoting the development of psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills. We believe that these abilities guide our students towards personal and interpersonal actions which are necessary for the transformation of their environment and which in turn are therefore conducive to their overall physical and mental well-being. Training in values ​​and life skills are the key to achieving this so today we restart our work with this project adapted to the new reality.

Parents, children and young people, we give you a warm welcome!


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