We begin the first stage of delivery of markets due to the emergency of COVID-19

Thanks to the donation of the organisation “Amor X Locombia” we brought 50 markets to our beneficiaries in the Lipaya neighbourhood, one of the many communities seriously affected by the pandemic.

In Colombia, the mandatory preventive quarantine started more than a month ago and the official positive cases of COVID-19 today number more than 10,000. Barranquilla and Soledad, places where the Mi Ciudad Con Vida Foundation has its two headquarters, are among the three municipalities with the most confirmed cases in this region of the country.

But it is not only the virus that worries these communities because in neighbourhoods like Lipaya, where a large part of the families survive from the day-to-day economy and informal work, due to the lack of savings and effective state aid that cover their basic minimum needs, quarantine has become a physically and psychosocially debilitating situation.

With different activities at the Mi Ciudad Con Vida Foundation, we maintain psychosocial support for our children and adolescents and their families in the midst of the Covid-19 quarantine. One of these activities has been managing, through individuals and private entities, the donation of markets with products from the basic basket for our children.

One of the first to shake hands, has been the organization “Amor X Locombia” who a week ago contributed 60 lunches for our children in Soledad. And today they donated 50 markets to us, which were delivered from house to house to the same number of families in the Lipaya neighbourhood.

Our objective through these markets is to be able to cover our 210 children and their families in Barranquilla and Soledad, for this we trust in the solidarity of entities such as “Amor X Locombia” and individuals who join this initiative to help those who are most affected by this quarantine.


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