Fundación Mi Ciudad Con Vida in alliance with Fundación Amor Por Locombia delivers lunches en quarantine

In Colombia, compulsory quarantine has been in place for more than a month and many low-income families who live on a daily basis are in an extremely vulnerable situation.
Union creates strength!!!
In this context, the Mi Ciudad Con Vida Foundation and the Amor Por Locombia Foundation, managed to deliver 60 lunches to our children in the Nuevo Horizonte neighbourhood in Soledad, Atlántico. These lunches, which were donated by our allied foundation, were delivered house to house by our officials to avoid crowds and in compliance with the recommended hygienic measures.
This is a clear example of how two organisations manage to work hand in hand and support each other to bring food to the communities most affected by this pandemic.
“We are concerned about the levels of vulnerability in which the children of these communities are, we want to invite everyone to join this cause, to bring food to the rest of the children and their families located in marginal neighbourhoods such as Lipaya in Barranquilla and Nuevo Horizon in Solitude ”
Nury Buendía, Director FMCCV


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