We promote education

In our Barranquilla location we have achieved a link with the Learning Service (SENA), aiming to dictate the Hygiene & Food Handling in-person course within the installations of our foundation. This course is aimed to reach the community of the Lipaya neighbourhood (Barrio Lipaya), it is actually a very relevant topic for the neighbourhood needs, due to the fact that many mothers have food businesses or work in the food industry. Being trained and certified will increase their chances of getting a job, improve their income and enrich their knowledge.

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Love & Friendship Day in Lipaya

This Saturday we celebrated Love & Friendship Day in our Barranquilla location with our beneficiaries, through a series of activities like fun dynamics, dancing contests and a magic show. Boys, girls and teens enjoyed this very special day. These activities are important for the development of fraternity, harmony, developing social skills, fostering a healthy coexistence, recreation and the creation of bonds of love.


Visit our community entrepreneurs

This Thursday we carried out visits to the entrepreneurs of our community of Barrio Lipaya, who participated previously in the activities of our Productive Units project. In this manner, a follow-up is carried out in order to know the conditions of the enterprises, the organizational, technological and occupational characteristics of the business units and the impact of the project on the businesses of the entrepreneurs.


This is how we ended our Vocational Guidance activities this 202

All year long the Higher Education program has been performing a series of diverse activities focused on reinforcing life projects upon vocational guidance, with the goal that our beneficiaries can finish their secondary education and enter higher education, and thus improve their quality of life.
This time we were present at the “Proyéctate” 2022 fair, the most important academic orientation event in the Colombian Caribbean, during the tour the teens took a virtual vocational orientation test, participated in the experiential zones, attended a motivational talk, received information about the options of scholarships and financing from different universities and training centers in the city.


Healthy mind, healthy body

This Saturday in our Barranquilla location, the girls and boys of the Teenage Group participated in an activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle, in which they performed a series of different exercises that included; stretching, strength, resistance and coordination, in addition to a dance therapy session (rumbaterapia). These activities are relevant because they promote social and emotional learning for the creation of healthy lifestyles.


Learning with the Civil Defense

This saturday a member of the civil defense volunteered and carried out a special training for our Teenage Group in our Lipaya location (Barranquilla). The training consisted in the learning of first aid, disaster risk management and social action. These activities are relevant for young people to learn and be motivated to contribute to the safety, well-being and quality of life of the population and their own community


A Workshop for Parents

We have continued working on the activities from the Educating at Home project with families at the Lipaya location. This time we started with the activities from module 5, which are aimed at psychosocial development. Throughout the workshop, we focused on the identification of emotions, emotional expression and management of emotions, as well as strategies to communicate assertively. These activities are important and can have a lasting impact on the families of the children, offering them strategies and knowledge in order to promote a healthy home environment.

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The Importance of Punctuality

Every Saturday at the Barranquilla location, the first activity with the children is focused on educating them on the importance of punctuality through interactive activities and games. In this way, we promote values such as responsibility, respect, commitment, and the development of healthy habits that allow them to arrive on time. We also make sure to give a shout out to the first children who arrive on time at 8:00am, when the day’s activities begin.



This Saturday we received a visit from a young adult member of the RED JOVEN PROFAMILIA program, and we developed activities with the goal of defending and promoting Sexual and Reproductive Rights among the children in the Barranquilla location. These lessons are important to encourage awareness, sex education and the use of contraceptives, aside from preventing teenage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.