Preparing our own homemade salads

This Saturday during the nutrition and healthy habits activity, the young participants explained the components and benefits of the vegetables and prepared a salad using ingredients from the Fund’s community vegetable garden. These activities promote conscious eating habits in both young children and adolescents, as well as demonstrate the benefits of cultivating vegetables for personal consumption.


Recycled Materas

This week the children and young people who participated in the Community Vegetable Garden project in Lipaya developed their creativity and artistic abilities by creating their pots with recycled plastic bottles. These pots will each have a plant from the vegetable garden, and will be sold to the public in Barranquilla to fund an educational field trip for the children.


A pleasant visit

Over the past few weeks, the director of the Foundation was visiting our site and observing the different projects that are carried out in them, joining in with the children during the activities, along with generous guests, who donated Kindle Paperwhite Kids that include access to thousands of books. We are grateful that these tools will be key to strengthening the reading skills of the beneficiaries.

Plantilla News (2021_01_07 04_38_09 UTC)

We resume the school of parents in Barranquilla

This Wednesday we resume the activities of the Educando en Casa project, at the Barranquilla Headquarters. The parents of the beneficiaries attended these activities in which the issues related to the distribution of tasks in the home, and the resolution of family conflicts were addressed. This project is important for a comprehensive intervention because the family is fundamental in the healthy development of children.


First Day of Vocational Orientation

This week at the Barranquilla Headquarters we had our first day of Vocational Orientation, aimed to young beneficiaries who are in their last year of secondary school. A scale of vocational preferences was applied to promote the construction of a life project and that our beneficiaries take into account their skills, interests, and aptitudes when choosing a technical,  technological, or professional carrer.


Our Classroom Workshop grows!

At the Barranquilla headquarters, the beneficiaries involved in the Huertas project begin to transplant  lettuce, tomato, radish plants, and other plants from the seedbeds into the soil and portable orchards. The classroom workshop begins to germinate and grow. Young people with gardens at home carry out the same activities in their yards. During these activities, children not only promote environmental support, but also encourage socialization, teamwork, and creativity.