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Let’s reduce our carbon footprint.

During this session, members of the Environmental Guardians group participated in an exciting activity focused on reducing carbon footprint. Throughout the activity, the children engaged in a series of interactive games and workshops designed to educate them on topics such as climate change, renewable energy, and the importance of reducing carbon emissions. Through the use of technological tools and scientific experiments, the Environmental Guardians learned how they can positively contribute to their environment.

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Let’s celebrate Physical Activity Day

During this day, our beneficiaries come together to celebrate Physical Activity Day, an event aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and the importance of exercise among the youth. From obstacle races to team games and sports like soccer, children and adolescents actively participated in various activities to commemorate this day. Physical Activity for Children not only promotes physical health but also encourages socialization, teamwork, and the development of motor skills.


Visit by our Director

As a gesture of commitment and solidarity, our director (Nury Buendía) made an official visit to the Foundation. The visit aimed to explore new forms of cooperation and work for the benefit of the community. During her stay, she had the opportunity to meet with the leaders and key members of the Mi Ciudad con Vida Foundation, where they exchanged ideas and shared experiences about programs and projects carried out in areas such as education, health, leadership, and community development.


Academic Strengthening: A Strategy for Student Success

This week we have launched our academic strengthening program, a comprehensive strategy that provides our beneficiaries with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities designed to enrich their learning, develop study skills, and receive socio-emotional support. Students receive personalized attention and have access to resources tailored specifically to their individual needs. This approach allows them to advance academically while strengthening their confidence in themselves and their abilities.

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Morning of smiles and lots of learning

With the enthusiastic participation of children and youth, our workshop facilitators developed a series of activities designed to promote skills such as leadership, communication, and self-concept, stimulating the creative spirit of both young and old. From sports dynamics and memory games to artistic activities, every moment was filled with fun and learning. In addition to the activities, the children also received healthy and refreshing snacks at the end of the session.

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Launching of the 2024 Entrepreneurship Project

In an effort to empower mothers and fathers and promote economic inclusion, the Mi Ciudad con Vida Foundation resumes the project called Productive and Inclusive Families. The launch of this initiative was very well received by the community, and its goal is to stimulate entrepreneurial spirit through training, counseling, connecting entrepreneurs with sources of financing, and thus helping them build and/or strengthen their own businesses.