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Let’s learn how to prepare plant-based meat.

In our nutritional workshops, we teach parents how they can feed their families consistently, consciously, and lovingly. Each workshop includes a theoretical and practical space with ingredients, tasting for everyone, and a nutritional guide for replicating the recipe at home.

This week, we focused on how to prepare plant-based meat using soy protein, as it is a versatile food that can be included in different preparations.


How to maintain proper hydration

During this week at the Soledad branch, we have been emphasizing the importance of keeping our children hydrated. This helps maintain good digestion, healthy skin, and ensures that brain cells receive oxygenated blood, benefiting concentration. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 should consume at least 7 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day. The activity was carried out through a simulation in which participants kept track of the glasses of water they needed to consume during the day.


The Friendship Journey

In the Soledad branch, this week we carried out the “Friendship Journey,” conducting various activities that promote the value of friendship and create spaces of joy, fun, happiness, and enthusiasm. All the participants wrote messages to their best friends through an imaginary mailbox and placed them in a mailbox for everyone to read. They also took photos with their best friends and shared some meaningful details.

Providing them with these types of experiences strengthens their self-esteem and teaches them that, no matter where we are, there will always be a moment to share and highlight the qualities that make our fellow companions fabulous people.