The importance of sustainable and healthy eating habits

In the most recent Nutrition Workshop for parents, we made two delicious recipes that highlight the benefits of chickpeas, a protein that helps with healthy bones and muscles, and eggplant, which supports good eyesight if eaten frequently. These workshops promote sustainable and healthy eating habits based on the consumption of vegetable proteins and a variety of unprocessed or minimally processed foods, all of which help maintain good health.


The journey that food makes through our body

At the Soledad site we continue with our healthy eating mission, promoting it through different activities that strengthen the adaptation and consumption of foods rich in vitamins and minerals that keep our physical health stable. This week we worked on the digestive system, making a visual representation, and explaining the journey that food makes through each organ with an illustrative sheet that the children were able to decipher and put together.


A pleasant visit

Over the past few weeks, the director of the Foundation was visiting our site and observing the different projects that are carried out in them, joining in with the children during the activities, along with generous guests, who donated Kindle Paperwhite Kids that include access to thousands of books. We are grateful that these tools will be key to strengthening the reading skills of the beneficiaries.


This is how we end our recreational vacation   

In the Soledad Headquarters, we finished our Recreational Vacation. These last three weeks were full of fun, imagination, and great learning, which took us every day to a magical place. The last station of the series of activities was the Estación del Color; a space to play and meet different challenges, one of them was the twister of emotions, a fun activity where we teach our children to express their feelings and emotions.


Recreational Vacation

In the Soledad headquarters we take advantage of this holiday season to develop different activities where the children of the Foundation explored their artistic skills, and additionally learned healthy habits that strengthen their socio-emotional development through a pedagogical booklet that guides the process. Crafts, drawings, dance, relaxation exercises, board games, reading stories, and adventures in the kitchen with fun recipes were part of this activity.


Foods that help us strengthen our immune system

In the Soledad headquarters, we had this week our Nutritional Workshop for Parents, carrying out different pedagogical activities to teach families the consumption and preparation of some vegetables that strengthen the immune system. As an example, we talked about Celery, which is rich in fiber and also has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antibacterial and diuretic properties.