Educational activities that reinforce the nutritional process

Today, the nutrition team from the Food Bank and the University of the Atlantic accompanied us to teach the boys and girls in the food security program how the healthy plate of the Colombian family is constituted. They also conducted the second nutritional screening of the year as a follow-up to the nutritional recovery process and gave all beneficiaries a beautiful gift to remind them how important it is to include vegetables in our diet.


We continue learning about food

Today, the boys and girls in the food security program carried out a meaningful activity related to food groups and the contribution they make to our bodies, enabling us to perform daily activities such as studying, walking, running, and jumping. The activity was conducted with images that they could associate according to their classification: builders, energy providers, and regulators.


Alliances for social strengthening

This week, students and teachers from the University of the Coast accompanied us to begin a research project on the analysis of executive functions and social behavior in children aged 6 to 12. This type of research allows us to identify possible psychosocial risks and valuable information for the creation of strategies to strengthen the social development of our beneficiaries and their families.


How to prepare a healthy lunchbox

This week, in the nutritional workshop for parents offered by the Food Security program at the Soledad headquarters, we were joined by the team of nutritionists from the Food Bank and the University of the Atlantic, who, along with our expert chef in healthy food, Jaime Buendía, taught attendees how to prepare a healthy and low-cost lunchbox for children to take to school.

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Let’s learn about ancestral foods

This week at the Nutritional Care Center located in Soledad, we worked with beneficiaries to recognize the foods that were commonly used by our indigenous ancestors many years ago. Foods like corn and rice were considered essential and complete. Corn, for example, is the third most cultivated cereal in the world, as it contains numerous vitamins and minerals that benefit our metabolism.

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Nutritional Assessments 2024

We start with the nutritional assessments of the boys and girls in our Food Security Program at the Soledad headquarters. These assessments are conducted every semester with the aim of identifying nutritional risks and contributing to the monitoring and recovery of the beneficiaries. The activity was carried out in collaboration with the Barranquilla Food Bank and the Nutrition Program of the University of the Atlantic.