Getting on the Food Train

In the cafeteria of the Soledad location, we continued reinforcing the food groups, but this time we used a train activity, in which the children had the opportunity to choose their favorite food and go through the seven wagons that made up the train, finding proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, dairy and sugar. With these types of activities we seek to familiarize the children participating in the Food & Health project with the different types of foods and their nutritional benefits in order to strengthen healthy eating habits.


Root-to-Stem Cooking Habits

This week in the Soledad location, we worked with the families involved in the Food & Health project on reducing waste in the kitchen by using scraps, peels and seeds, checking our pantry, monitoring the state of our foods, keeping expiration and best by dates in mind in order to get the most nutrients possible out of our food.

At the end of the workshop we chose a few vegetables that are almost always in the pantry to make a salad using these root-to-stem cooking tips, counting on the participation of the parents in the preparation process.


Food roulette

In the Soledad location we taught the boys and girls of the Food & Health program about the food groups through an educational roulette. This was a practical and fun activity that involved having them spin the roulette and call out a food that belonged to the corresponding group. As they played, the children learned about the importance of including foods from each group in one’s daily meals, keeping in mind the portion size relative to age in order to maintain a balanced diet.


The importance of sustainable and healthy eating habits

In the most recent Nutrition Workshop for parents, we made two delicious recipes that highlight the benefits of chickpeas, a protein that helps with healthy bones and muscles, and eggplant, which supports good eyesight if eaten frequently. These workshops promote sustainable and healthy eating habits based on the consumption of vegetable proteins and a variety of unprocessed or minimally processed foods, all of which help maintain good health.