Educational activities that reinforce the nutritional process

Today, the nutrition team from the Food Bank and the University of the Atlantic accompanied us to teach the boys and girls in the food security program how the healthy plate of the Colombian family is constituted. They also conducted the second nutritional screening of the year as a follow-up to the nutritional recovery process and gave all beneficiaries a beautiful gift to remind them how important it is to include vegetables in our diet.


Knowing Our Rights

Today, the children of the Viajeros group participated in an educational experience focused on learning and understanding their rights according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Through interactive activities and watching UNICEF videos, they explored the importance of these rights in their lives and in society. The activity encouraged discussions and reflections, allowing the children to express their ideas and ask questions about the topic.


We continue learning about food

Today, the boys and girls in the food security program carried out a meaningful activity related to food groups and the contribution they make to our bodies, enabling us to perform daily activities such as studying, walking, running, and jumping. The activity was conducted with images that they could associate according to their classification: builders, energy providers, and regulators.

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Environmental Guardians lead campaign in their community

The Environmental Guardians group led an inspiring educational campaign in the Lipaya neighborhood community, delivering a message about the importance of preserving and protecting water as a vital resource. Regardless of their age, the teenagers went from house to house to engage in conversations with their neighbors, hoping to have a significant impact on the environmental protection of this community. Thank you very much, Guardians!


Alliances for social strengthening

This week, students and teachers from the University of the Coast accompanied us to begin a research project on the analysis of executive functions and social behavior in children aged 6 to 12. This type of research allows us to identify possible psychosocial risks and valuable information for the creation of strategies to strengthen the social development of our beneficiaries and their families.


Lipaya headquarters celebrates Children’s Day.

At Lipaya headquarters, Children’s Day was celebrated with fun and educational activities organized by the youth leadership team. Children enjoyed games, drum therapy, artistic expression, and sports competitions, as well as a delicious breakfast and snacks. This initiative reflects the Foundation’s commitment to the well-being and happiness of children, as well as its dedication to generating social transformation.


How to prepare a healthy lunchbox

This week, in the nutritional workshop for parents offered by the Food Security program at the Soledad headquarters, we were joined by the team of nutritionists from the Food Bank and the University of the Atlantic, who, along with our expert chef in healthy food, Jaime Buendía, taught attendees how to prepare a healthy and low-cost lunchbox for children to take to school.


We inaugurated our computer room.

With pride and enthusiasm, at the Lipaya headquarters, we celebrated the inauguration of our new Computer Room, a space dedicated to digital learning and innovation. With the generous support of our partners and allies, we now have optimal and necessary equipment to benefit our community.

This room not only represents a step forward in access to technology but also a renewed commitment to education and development.


Heartwarming visit from our donors

On a day full of inspiration and gratitude, our donors made a special visit to the Foundation, accompanied by our management team, to witness firsthand the impact of their valuable contributions. During this enriching day, they toured the projects at our Lipaya headquarters, sharing unforgettable moments with our children and youth.

This encounter not only strengthened our commitment to social transformation but also reaffirmed the power of collective work and solidarity.